Ferne McCann reveals new cosmetic surgery plans

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Reality star Ferne McCann has revealed that she would “love” more cosmetic surgery, two years after undergoing a “subtle” nose job to boost her self-confidence.

Speaking to The Sun about her plans for more surgery, Ferne explained that breastfeeding her daughter Sunday has left her boobs “saggy”.

“I want a boob job too. I want natural boobs,” she admitted. “Mine are so saggy now after breast-feeding my baby. I don’t like big, fake boobs – they look so tacky. I want tear drop ones.

“I just want them to look like how they did before.”

As well as hoping for breast implants, Ferne went on to hint that she was considering another procedure on her nose, two years after getting a bump removed.

“I want another nose job – I’ve never told anybody that before,” she said. “I would love another one.”

Opening up about her decision to go under the knife in 2016, Ferne told This Morning‘s Eamonn and Ruth that she was “insecure” about her nose and had been bullied over her appearance.

“It is subtle and I wanted it be subtle. I didn’t want to change my whole face,” she said of the surgery. “It was just this one thing that has bugged me my whole life.

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“I got teased about it at school. I felt like it was taking over my face. I just wanted to get rid of the bump. I think it looks very similar from the front but in profile, the bump has gone.”

Offering young fans advice about cosmetic surgery, Ferne warned that those wanting a procedure should wait until they’re an adult.

“It was a very considered decision… I had my first consultation at 18, but I felt too young then. Some might see me as a role model in the public eye and I want to be completely open and honest.

“Wait until you’re an adult.”