Photo of Tupac Shakur's Penis Still Up for Auction

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A photo Tupac's er, goods, is back up for auction.

The ex-girlfriend the late Tupac Shakur plans to auction f a picture his fully exposed frontal in a private auction. The original auction was to take place until Dec. 1 but apparently the date has been extended.

According to TMZ, Pac frequently took pictures exposing his private parts to shock onlookers. And while phones with cameras weren't invented yet that didn't stop his then-girlfriend from snapping a picture. The photo was said to be taken at in the middle a 1990 house party in Marin County.

Apparently on this particular night his then-girlfriend had, had enough Pac exposing himself and threatened to take a picture if he didn't cover up. And it seems as though a camera did not make Pac back down thus many years later the world now has a picture Pac's ding a ling floating around.

The ex-wants to privately sell the picture for $7,500. A rock 'n' roll auction house is currently interested and has made an fer, however, if she can't get the picture for the asking price she plans on selling it to the highest bidder. She also has a few other pictures Pac clothed that she plans on selling but the "money shot" picture Pac will not be so easy to get your hands on if you don't have the cash.


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