50 Cent Says He's Never Owned Bitcoin in Bankruptcy Court

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Did he or didn’t he? That is the question. Last month, 50 Cent bragged about securing a windfall with Bitcoins. But it appears that's not the case.

Apparently, while in a bankruptcy court, the rap mogul declared that he doesn’t own a Bitcoin account or Bitcoins. "I have] never owned and do] not now own, a Bitcoin account or any Bitcoins." according to documents obtained by TMZ.

If this is true, than this is contrary to previous reports that Fif got rich f Bitcoins.

"Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I'm so proud me," 50 Cent wrote in a now-since deleted Instagram post where he cited a TMZ story. "I'm a keep it real. I forgot I did that s—."

According to TMZ, the 42-year-old rapper's Animal Ambition brought him around 700 bitcoins worth several hundred thousand dollars at the time and around $7.7 million at today's rate.

But it looks like 50 is backpedalling from the story in bankruptcy court. We're not sure if he doesn't want the court to know he has a secret stash or if he was just fronting for the 'Gram.

However, 50 Cent acknowledged that it's possible that his online sales for the album and merchandise was converted into Bitcoin but he never saw any actually cash money from it.