9 Rap Songs That Mention Chick-fil-A & Popeyes

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In honor the craze surrounding the war between who has the better chicken sandwich: Popeyes or Chick-fil-A, we implore you to let us know which rap song has the best lines about the famed chicken establishments.

From Migos‘ “Stir Fry” to A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Kids…,” who do you think has the best raps about Popeyes and Chick-fil-A?

Check out the selection chicken raps below.

Migos — “Stir Fry”

“Dance with my dogs in the nighttime (wro) / Trap nigga with the chickens like Popeye’s (Popeye’s) / Money changin’ colors like tie-dye (tie-dye) / I’m just tryna get it, I ain’t tryna die (no).”

Clipse — “Popular Demand (Popeyes)”

“Mami you miss me, don’t you? / Haters, wish you could hit me, don’t you? / Heh, you should call me uncle / I understand, I’m back by popular demand / That new CL fly / Outside Popeyes eating chicken and fries / Yeah, come holla at your uncle / I understand, I’m back by popular demand.”

Lil Wayne f. Drake — “Family Feud”

“Don’t get my credit declined, give all the credit to Moms / I flipped the bird at the Bird – hey, what’s for dinner? Popeyes / These chickens got bird flu, and they chirp, chirp too / Always sung, never flew, these boys Hot Girls too.”

Geto Boys — “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

“Reached under my seat, grabbed my popper for the suckers / Ain’t no use to me lyin’ / I was scareder than a motherfucker / Hooked a left into Popeye’s and bailed out quick / If it’s goin’ down, let’s get this shit over with / Here they come just like I figured / I got my hand on the motherfuckin’ trigger.”

Kanye West — “30 Hours”

“Expedition was Eddie Bauer edition / I’m drivin’ with no winter tires in December / Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, like a private school for women / Then I get there and all the Popeye’s is finished, girl / You don’t love me, you just pretendin’ / I need a happy beginnin’, middle and endin.”

A Tribe Called Quest f. Andre 3000 — “Kids…”

“Kids, say I’m the shit / I’m Chick-fil-A nuggets, McDonald’s french fries / The spicy Popeye’s and Red Lobster biscuits / And girls scout thin mints.”

Lil Wayne — “Curtains”

“Okay I’m straight at you, no ricochet / That pussy boneless, that’s Chick-fil-a / I fuck with real riders and they tickets paid / For them dead presidents, we will start digging graves.”

Aminé — “SHINE”

“I fuck up like everyday, I fuck up in every way / I fuck up like when I pull up on Sunday at Chick-Fil-A / My-my dark twisted fantasy, beautiful insanity / When the rain pours, I’m the one you call your canopy.”

Rich Brian — “Occupied”

“All these protocols, I’m slowly turnin’ to a diva man / I’ma beat the runner’s ass if he ain’t got my Chick-fil-A (Chick-fil-A) / Never like to brag, but I do it in my raps.”