Ayda Field: ‘If I met Robbie Williams in his 20s he would’ve been off his face and cheating’

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Ayda Field has revealed that she thinks she met Robbie Williams at the right time.

Talking on today’s (May 27) Loose Women, the actress noted that timing is “one of the most key things” in a relationship, and especially so for her marriage to Williams.

“If I had met him in his 20s, he would have completely screwed it up,” Field explained. “He would have been off his face, cheating and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We wouldn’t be married with kids and really happy.”

She added that if she had met the popstar in his 20s, the two would have “liked each other” but Williams “would have done something daft”.

Field also weighed into the debate over age gaps, following the recent divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

“Couples can work when they’re 20 years apart and they can not work when they’re one year apart,” she argued. “More of a danger is when you get together with someone really young, because we all change so much when we’re older.”

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Earlier in the week on Loose Women, Field revealed that Williams doesn’t know what a cucumber is.

Her Loose Women appearances have also seen her open up about the popstar’s battle with depression, the couple’s sex life and her slightly unconventional engagement.