B.G. Knocc Out Says Eric Holder Was On Nipsey Hussle’s Label When He Allegedly "Snitched"

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B.G. Knocc Out, who collaborated with Eazy-E on the 1993 classic “Real Muthaphukkin Gs,” recently sat down with VladTV where he spoke about Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder.

During the interview, he reveals Holder was affiliated with Nip for musical purposes.

“He was actually on Nipsey’s label before,” he said around the :43-minute mark. “He’s in old music videos, some the first videos and all that shit. When Nipsey started building his name and doing his thing, naturally he was reaching back to his homies. So he started this little label and old boy was a part it.”

But after Holder allegedly snitched, he was ex-communicated from the group.

“He used to be with Nipsey a lot, moving around — doing all the stuff he was doing,” he continued. “And then I think he caught a gun case with one the homies or something. Something happened where they went to jail and he’s supposed to had said something.

“So, they pretty much kicked him out, you know what I mean? For snitching. They didn’t kill him or beat him down or nothing like that, but they just told him to stay away, like you can’t hang out. He probably took that some type way ’cause he got the hood all over his body.”

B.G. added he thought Nip’s request was “respectable” and insisted Holder should’ve had abided by his wishes.

Video that was reportedly taken a couple months ago shows Nipsey actually hugging Holder, but things evidently took a turn.

Holder, 29, stands accused fatally shooting the Grammy Award-nominated rapper on March 31 outside his Marathon Clothing store. He has since pleaded not guilty. 

In Part 3 the VladTV interview, B.G. explained he found out who Nip’s killer was minutes after the shooting.

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