Dave East Gets Dragged On Twitter For Calling "Old Town Road"

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The Gram – After getting praised by the likes Smokeghostpurp and Billy Ray Cyrus, at least one artist is calling shenanigans on Lil Nas X’s breakout trap-country hit, “Old Town Road.”

Mr. Dave East.

And the Mass Appeal rapper didn’t mince his words, either.

“This fuckin’ ‘Old Town Road’ shit is fuckin’ wack,” East bellowed to his Instagram followers while enjoying a massive blunt from the back a vehicle.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Hip Hop; with rap and] I ain’t no hater but that shit is wack. With a cape on it! And super wack!” he concluded before seemingly losing interest on the subject in its entirety.

Luckily for the young Atlanta rapper, East’s opinion on the notion his skills doesn’t sell records. Released at the tail end 2018, “Old Town Road” has gone on to top the Billboard 100, broken a Drake streaming record, and experienced a country genre resurgence thanks to the Cyrus-assisted remix.

As for East, onlookers decided to show him no mercy on social media.

Editor’s Note: I wrote this article while listening to “Type Time” so I can name at least one Dave East song.]