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Hannah Elizabeth Invites Us Into Her World!

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I’ll be honest and say it: I love sad songs. I love songs about heartbreak and bad relationships. I don’t know if it’s because they are therapeutic or because I may be a little bit of a masochist…but I admit proudly that I can’t get enough of them!

That said, I do have some standards. I won’t listen to just anything. I want quality music with thoughtful lyrics and I am pretty vigilant in finding those perfect songs to listen to.

I hadn’t actually heard of Hannah Elizabeth before the release of her EPK. I saw the link on Twitter from a friend and decided to check it out. A musician I had never heard of basically took me on a tour to her everyday life, and invited me to witness everything she did to perfect her sound. And although it was quite personal and honest, I felt welcome, I felt like I got to know her through this video. I heard snippets of her music throughout the video as well and of course checked out her single “No Good” right after.

Long story short, this is now on my ‘heartbreak’ playlist. And yes, I do have a ‘heartbreak’ playlist!

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