J-Live Delivers "At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 2)" EP

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J-Live is back with a new project titled At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 2). The 14-track EP consists six interludes and eight actual songs, including standouts “Money and Power” and “Roll Tide.”

“I do the EPs as Bandcamp exclusives so there’s something for people to purchase and subscribe to outside the main full length albums I put on all platforms,” J-Live tells HipHopDX. “At The Date This Writing as a series is a kind lyrical personal journal thoughts and experiences for the season.”

The former English teacher continued, “I made the interludes in-between separate tracks so that once purchased, people can opt to keep them in a playlist or not. I get tired interludes at the end songs personally.”

At The Date This Writing (Vol. 2) serves as the follow-up to 2016’s At The Date This Writing (Vol. 1). The veteran MC/producer will return with a new full length album in spring 2020.

Until then, check out the At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 2) album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

J-Live Delivers "At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 2)" EP
  1. By Myself
  2. Paralyzed (Interlude 1)
  3. Money and Power
  4. I Made This Tea (Interlude 2)
  5. My Teepee
  6. Searching For Something (Interlude 3)
  7. Roll Tide
  8. The Victimless Crime (Interlude 4)
  9. The Plot Twist
  10. It’s A Thing (Interlude 5)
  11. I Digress
  12. Justified (Interlude 6)
  13. Anotha Hip Hop Song
  14. Can’t Find The Words (Look Inside)