Jhené Aiko Still Loves Big Sean "Beyond Measure"

Posted on in Fresh Gems

Although Jhené Aiko confirmed her split from Big Sean last month, the sultry singer evidently still loves him — a lot.

In a lengthy Instagram comment on Sean Don’s recent post about Nipsey Hussle, Aiko clarified where she stands with her ex.

“you are so special,” she wrote. “to me. to the world. while we’re both still on this planet I just want to say… i love you beyond measure. Even tho i get big mad and u trigger the fuck out me. U make me feel. And i appreciate that. Because i thought i was dead inside. My ego has no say when it comes to you.

“And my heart has been broken a thousand times just to expand. It always finds room for you. the good and the bad. i love you from this life to the next and all the other lives we’ve known each other before. imma always talk my shit. but imma always have ur back.”

Emotions have been running high since Nip’s shooting death last month. In the wake his murder, Aiko pumped the breaks on any new music, explaining, “Out respect for Nipsey, I will be postponing the release the new music I planned on releasing this month… until I feel the time is right.

“I want to take this time to remember and reflect on the life the legendary Nipsey Hussle. Thank you for understanding. Long live NH.”

Nipsey was laid to rest last Thursday (April 11) following a massive service at the Los Angeles Staples Center where Aiko, Stevie Wonder and more performed. He was 33.