Joe Budden Labels Ari Lennox ‘Insecure’ For ‘Rottweiler’ Response & Promptly Gets Roasted

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New York, NY – It takes ample amounts courage to confront bullying head-on, especially on a public platform such as Twitter. But Ari Lennox took action earlier this month after she and Teyana Taylor were targeted for their looks, admitting being labeled a “Rottweiler” was hurtful.

“You wanna talk about how people are so sensitive they want us to cancel freedom speech,” she said in part. “Why is this your speech? Why are you so comfortable tearing down black women?” 

Rather than see that as a sign strength, the always outspoken Joe Budden decided to label Lennox “insecure” during a recent episode The Joe Budden Podcast. 

“Does anything about the Ari Lennox thing scream insecurity to you?” he said. “Insecurity. How you feel about you versus how what people feel about you versus how what people feel about you does to how you feel about you. Insecurity. And while there may be variations it or different reasons why it stems, insecurity is insecurity.”

Budden’s comments weren’t well received. Twitter instantly pounced on the Slaughterhouse vet and called his assessment the situation “disgusting.”

Check out some the reactions below.