Juice WRLD’s Final Moments Reportedly Involved Pills, 70 LBS. Of Marijuana & Possibly Codeine

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Chicago, IL – The sudden death 21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD sent shockwaves throughout the Hip Hop community on Sunday (December 8).

While his ficial cause death has yet to been determined, TMZ reports several people aboard Juice WRLD’s private jet told investigators he took multiple “unknown pills” prior to the fatal seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport.

They also said he was struggling with an addiction to the powerful painkiller Percocet. Investigators discovered a bottle codeine cough syrup on the plane as well. Of course, Juice WRLD — who had just turned 21 on December 2 — had previously admitted to struggling with an addiction to lean.

But that wasn’t all investigators found. The FBI seized roughly 70 pounds marijuana that was stashed in several suitcases. Two Juice WRLD’s guards who were on the plane, Christopher Long and Henry Dean, were also arrested on weapon charges.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Dean was charged with carrying a concealed firearm at an airport and possessing a high-capacity magazine and metal-piercing bullets, while Long was charged with unlawful possession a firearm. Only one the guards had a valid permit to carry guns in Illinois, but it’s still illegal to possess them at airports.

In total, three guns were confiscated. Dean and Long are both out jail and due in court later this month.

Juice WRLD's Final Moments Reportedly Involved Pills, 70 LBS. Of Marijuana & Possibly Codeine

Prior to Juice WRLD’s death, he appeared to be in good spirits. Video the flight shows the Chi-Town native messing around with his friends and laughing.

As the plane beings to descend, everyone is all smiles until they finally touchdown at Midway. Juice WRLD collapsed shortly after while walking through the airport. When emergency responders arrived on the scene, he was reportedly bleeding from the mouth and still conscious. However, he was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

The Cook County Medical Examiner is expected to conduct an autopsy on Monday (December 9).