Lil Xan Gets Confronted By Angry Tupac Fans

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Lil Xan has been making a lot news since he labeled legendary rapper Tupac Shakur2 out 10” and having “boring music.” Many artists aren’t feeling the Calfornia rapper’s words and seeing it as disrespectful to hip-hop. Waka Flocka Flame was one artist who publicly spoke out and even took the next step and tried to banish Lil Xan from hip-hop.

TMZ obtained a police report that documented a group high schoolers confronted Xan at a Del Taco in Redlands, California about his words on Tupac. Nothing came the situation. However, Lil Xan did end up running due to the hostility the environment. A police ficer had to pick Lil Xan up and take him to his car.

The hostility wasn’t focused on the rapper for the most part. According to TMZ most it was from the build up a possible girl fight that didn’t happen.