Milan offers you his stark reality in the “Ridin Rollercoaster” music video.

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After witnessing betrayal from the very early stages of his career, LA-based, rapper Milan decided to move forward with huge disappointment. While working with famous producers at T.H.C, he ended up being the victim of plagiarism and found out that they had stolen his creation and offered it to Kendrick Lamar, who later used it in his “M.A.A.D. City Feat (MC Eiht)”, released in 2012.

Now, after 7 years, the young artist is making a strong comeback and kicking things to the curb. His first single “Ridin Rollercoaster” made its debut early on this year, but today, Milan is releasing equally captivating visuals to match his creation.

Enjoy this video of Milan taking on the dark streets to flaunt his MAAD skills and prove his mettle with the big lights shining right in his face.