Nipsey Hussle’s Music Sales Dramatically Increase Following His Death

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The tragic death Nipsey Hussle has resulted in a significant spike in his music sales. The slain rapper’s projects, songs and videos have skyrocketed up the charts on iTunes and Amazon since he was shot and killed on Sunday (March 31).

Here’s how much Nipsey’s music sales have ascended as Monday afternoon (April 1).

Nipsey on iTunes

  • 2018’s Victory Lap is No. 1 on the Top Albums. 2013’s Crenshaw mixtape sits at No. 7 and 2010’s The Marathon tape has reached No. 20.
  • Nipsey has seven the Top 10 best-sellers in the Hip Hop/Rap category Top Albums. The entries include projects such as 2014’s Mailbox Money and the clean version his Victory Lap LP.
  • The recently released “Racks In The Middle” single featuring Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy is No. 10 on Top Songs.
  • Nipsey tracks comprise half the Top 10 in the Hip Hop/Rap category Top Songs. The aforementioned “Racks In The Middle” is joined by multiple cuts from Victory Lap.
  • Four Nipsey’s videos are featured in the Top 10 Top Music Videos.

Nipsey on Amazon

  • Victory Lap is the second-best seller for digital albums.
  • CD and vinyl versions the 2018 LP are among the Top 5 best sellers for physical copies.
  • Nipsey is dominating Amazon’s Movers & Shakers lists, which calculate the biggest sales gainers over the past 24 hours.
  • The Top 7 entries on the Movers & Shakers for digital albums are all Nipsey releases. His Crenshaw tape experienced the most dramatic spike thanks to a 555,500 percent increase in sales, vaulting it from No. 61,116 to No. 11.
  • Nipsey’s projects account for seven the Top 10 entries on the Movers & Shakers for CD and vinyl. The Top 3 are vinyl copies Victory Lap (585,700 percent increase), The Marathon CDs (333,310 percent increase) and Victory Lap CDs (318,000 percent increase).
  • The late MC also has the Top 3 tracks on the Movers & Shakers for songs. No. 1 on the list is the Belly and Dom Kennedy-assisted “Double Up,” which benefited from a 46,331 percent increase in sales.