Paloma Faith was asked for selfie in A&E with her baby

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Paloma Faith has revealed that she was shocked to be asked for selfies by fans in a very inappropriate place.

Speaking to the We Are Women podcast, Paloma shared that she recently had to rush her young baby to A&E and that while she was there she was approached by people who wanted to chat to her.

“Recently I went to A&E with my baby, which i’m sure that every mum listening knows happens quite often at the beginning because you constantly feel like this thing’s going to die,” the singer said.

“And I do have people approach me and go, ‘Oh, my God!'”

When asked if it was people who were asking her for a selfie in A&E, Paloma agreed: “Yeah, or just wanting a conversation, and I’m actually a bit shell-shocked.

“My child stopped breathing for 30 seconds and I had to call an ambulance — passed out, lost consciousness and everything.

“I’m just in A&E and somebody’s like, ‘Oh, my God.’ And that doesn’t feel fair.”

Paloma welcomed her first child in December 2016 and later revealed that she and her partner Leyman Lahcine have decided to raise the baby as gender neutral.

Paloma has said that she would like “two or three kids” in total and that they will all be raised gender neutral, explaining: “I just want them to be who they want to be.”

Faith managed to score her first UK Number 1 album with her most recent release, The Architect, in November 2017. She sold 40,000 copies of her fourth album, beating Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All.