Rapsody Details Why All Hip Hop Needs All Flavors Of Women

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Hollywood, CA – Rapsody‘s EVE is one the best albums 2019. It’s the reason why HipHopDX bestowed a a perfect rating to the project in our ficial review.

For Rapsody, EVE is the culmination years hard work. The Grammy Award-nominated artist recently stopped by HipHopDX HQ and spoke about her journey as well as all her accomplishments in a lengthy conversation.

From waiting for her J. Cole feature to come through to JAY-Z finally responding to her email after joining Roc Nation, Rapsody is an open back. In the converation, she discusses her style rap versu the so-called “stripper rap” that Jermaine Dupri coined earlier this year.

“I always looked at it like it’d be dope to have balance and give everybody the same opportunity,” she says. “I want Tierra Whack to have that same opportunity as everybody else. Leikeli-47, as well as Megan The Stallion and Cardi B, because we need all flavors women. Everybody don’t want to listen to me 24/7 because I don’t want to listen to me 24/7. I need a different vibe. I’m about to go to the club and turn up! I’m about to play ‘Bodak Yellow.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rapsody reveals why Queen Latifah‘s feature on the EVE cut “Hatshepsut” is her favorite and fers five mantras that help keep her grounded.

“You can’t be a better version anybody but yourself so there’s no need to go chasing trends,” she explains. “That basically means that there was no reason for me to try to chase and go be a Nicki Minaj because I can’t be a better version her than she is.

“There’s only one her, so I’m going to always be a Part B if I do that. Nobody can be another me. I don’t like when people be like, “Oh, you’re like this generation’s Lauryn Hill.” No, I’m not. There’s only one Lauryn Hill. I’m not a female Kendrick Lamar either. I’m just me. That’s always kept me grounded to always remind me to be yourself. You are enough.”

Watch the full Rapsody interview above.