Rising Artist Vancar Releases New Track: “Chemistry”

Rising Artist Vancar Releases New Track: “Chemistry”

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Those who pay attention to the latest indie releases out there will already be familiar with Maryland’s latest indie sensation Vancar. His raw talent is expressed once more in his latest track “Chemistry“, receiving significant airplay in the US and paving the way to building of a solid fanbase for the eclectic multi-instrumentalist Vancar.


His new single is a playful tune about a girl he loved in high school who ended up with one of his good friends. The sound and lyrics produced by Vancar shares similarities with prominent artists like John Mayer and Jason Mraz. However, his slant towards pop/rock-infused, guitar and piano solos sets him apart from these artists, giving his music a distinct, enjoyable uniqueness.


Vancar is setting up for a big run in 2019. With new releases imminent and a following base developing quickly, there’s nothing to stop this fun, talented artist.


If you’re in the mood, check out some of his tracks on his Instagram.