Snoop Dogg Finds Offset’s Clone On Instagram

Posted on in Fresh Gems

The ‘Gram – One Snoop Dogg’s biggest talents besides rapping and smoking buds is being a part-time comedian on his Instagram account.

He posts volumes hilarious memes, video clips and photos popular rappers daily and Offset is The Doggfather’s latest target for laughs from his 36.5 million followers.

On Monday (November 4), Uncle Snoop clowned the Migos member by uploading a picture his would-be sibling named “Reset.”

The doppelgänger is slimmer and shorter than Offset but has similar dredlocks and rocks an assortment gold bling and bifocals while working at a Little Caesar’s Pizza shop.

“Damn Offset little brother working Reset working at Little Ceasars,” Snoop said in the caption with multiple laughing emojis.

Snoop’s got jokes for the Migos “culture” and this isn’t the first time that the legendary West Coast legend has parodied them.

He trilized the Atlanta trio’s triplet vocal style among several other rap contemporaries on his GGN YouTube series in 2014.