Stan 2.0: Lil Xan Fan Gets His Face & Neck Tats

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Budapest, Hungary – Ever wonder what a Lil Xan clone would look like? No? Well, a Hungarian teen has stepped up to the plate like you wouldn’t imagine. The fanatic got identical tattoos on his face and neck to replicate the Total Xanarchy rapper.

The Xan Stan displayed his admiration for the rapper on his Instagram @high.xanxiety. The caption the photo revealing his ink reads β€œnew tattoo (heart emojis) xanarchy gang forever!! I love you (heart emojis) @xanxiety (more heart emojis).”

According to VLADTV, his girlfriend, @_lilparanoia_, is also a part the β€œxanarchy gang.” The teenage couple hasn’t received much support from social media with users attacking the show appreciation.