Stretch and Bobbito on Juan Epstein

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Stretch and Bobbito meet Juan and Mr. Epstein. Still on a promo run for their new film, the legendary radio pioneers chop it up with Rosenberg and Ciph about a bunch of shit that didn’t make it into the movie. This is a great listen.

Gems include:

  • Bobbito on how Rock Steady invented the practice of breakers using cardboard boxes and linoleum by swiping trash from the furniture store across the street from their park.
  • The time Bob tried to confiscate a promotional copy of Fear of A Black Planet at Bleeker Bob’s.
  • How Flex influenced Stretch’s on-air style and some later static between the two after some comments made on London radio.
  • Bad Boy’s run as the catalyst for the underground/commercial Rap divide.
  • Ciph calling out Stretch for producing the remix to Lil Kim’s “Big Momma Thing” and Stretch’s explaination of how it came to feature a Jay Z verse and two empty bars at the end.
  • The Kim conversation then leads to Bob hearing Stretch’s “LA LA” remix for the first time in his life and Stretch telling the story of how he accidentally erased part of Havoc’s verse and had to travel to QB to get him to record it over.
  • Tragedy Khadafi has been to Stretch’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Listen below.

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