Why Smokepurpp Removed His Kanye West Song ‘No Problem’ Off His Album

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Hollywood – In December, Smokepurpp revealed to Adam22 No Jumper that he wrote on Kanye West and Lil Pump’s 2018 track “I Love It” and that he and Ye also had another song tucked away that was never coming out.

This week, a leak the song, titled “No Problem,” made its rounds across the internet. One the problems with that, besides it being a leak, is the song is filled with curse words and West has since denounced the use such language.

“No Problem” goes against everything Kanye has been preaching which is why Smokepurpp chose to ax the song from his album, Deadstar 2.

“He didn’t personally tell me that, I just kind knew,” Smokepurpp explained. “He kind just changed his ways or whatever. Mike Dean mixed the whole album, he executive produced the whole album. So he pretty much just told me he’s not really cursing and shit. He’s not really performing his old songs anymore, he does ‘Jesus Walks.’ If he does do his old songs, he changes the lyrics.

Mike Dean told me at first…it was going to be harder to get it cleared because he doesn’t curse no more. I was just like fuck it, just put it away. He’ll change again.”

Watch Smokepurpp discuss working with Kanye West up top.