Wiz Khalifa’s Docuseries "Behind The Cam" Takes His Iconic "DayToday" Vlogs To The Next Level

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Inglewood, CA – For over a decade, diamond-selling recording artist Wiz Khalifa‘s pioneering DayToday YouTube vlogs have provided a neat way for Taylor Gang fans to follow him along his musical journey.

On April 17, Apple Music, Taylor Gang, and the Pittsburgh rapper (born Cameron Thomaz) joined forces to deliver Wiz Khalifa: Behind The Cam, a docuseries that elevates the DayToday experience to the next level.

Once Behind The Cam made its debut on Apple Music, Wiz, the Taylor Gang squad and a load guests, including HipHopDX, stuffed into Snoop Dogg‘s Compound in Inglewood, California where all five episodes were projected on a huge screen.

The viewing was followed by a short Q&A hosted by his manager Will Dzombak, who asked the Billboard chart-topper and docuseries’ director, Martin Desmond Roe, about the intimacy creating the Apple Music special and about how far Wiz has come since day one.

“Well, first all, I got big as fuck!” Khalifa said to a laughing crowd in reference to his new UFC body build.

“It was cool,” he continued. “The transition was good…To see a lot the similarities like the recording process and the fact that E-Dan is still around, you’re Will Dzombak] is still around, the whole gang. It’s cool to see everybody grow.”

Instead a montage clips blended in with the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s music, Behind The Cam fers more conversation with a confessional style delivery connected to a unique activity that pertains to each episode. This element ups the ante what Taylors are used to getting with his DayTodays while maintaining his familiar granular style filming.

For instance, the first episode Behind The Cam is titled “Try New Things.” Fans get to watch Wiz try indoor skydiving for the first time while also hearing about his humble beginnings performing in front fewer than five people before he exploded into popularity. In one episode, they host a contest to give an unknown producer the opportunity to create a song with Wiz.

One major highlight the series is witnessing TG engage in their favorite pastime bowling. They gang goes up against some senior citizens, then expectedly transition into enjoying edibles and lighting joints Khalifa Kush after succumbing to defeat.

Day one Taylor Gang members Chevy Woods, Light, Ricky P, and manager Will also make an appearance in the series along with his mom Peachie Wimbush, his father Laurence Thomaz and six-year-old son Sebastian, whom he shares with model Amber Rose.

Wiz just dropped a special 420 mixtape on Saturday (April 20) titled Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young, the follow-up to his 2009 collaborative tape with Curren$y. He is expected to hit the tour circuit with French Montana, Playboi Carti and Chevy Woods for his headlining Decent Exposure trek this summer.

Watch Apple Music’s Wiz Khalifa: Behind The Cam here.