Yung Joc Involved In Job-Shaming Altercation While Driving Pull Up N Go

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Atlanta, GA – Let’s be real — most people need to hustle a little on the side to make a decent living these days. But evidently that doesn’t sit right with people when you’re a celebrity.

Yung Joc was recently spotted driving for rideshare app Pull Up N Go and caught plenty flak because it — or at least that’s how it appeared. The two women passengers in the backseat his car couldn’t help but notice Joc was behind the wheel, but they weren’t exactly kind about it and decided to put him on blast for all social media to see.

“You sound like somebody I know,” one the passengers says. The other passenger then asks, “I just wanna ask a question. Are you Young Joc?”

Joc replies, “I think y’all already put that part together.”

One the women says, “Oh, so you must’ve fell f or something. He asks, “I gotta fall f?… I just felt like it was an easy way to get some easy money downtown. I meet people.”

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TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #TSRExclusiveDetails: A video #YungJoc driving for a ride share app similar to #Uber and #Lyft is circulating online and we have obtained unreleased clips the full video. _____________________________________ In the video which took place on Thursday morning in Atlanta, you can hear the passengers telling the driver that he looked and sounded familiar, and that’s because the driver was #YungJoc. One the passengers, J’Koni, goes on to ask #Joc why he’s driving for the app #pugorides, and proceeds to tell him that he “fell f”. _____________________________________ Joc responds by saying that it’s an easy way to get some easy money, adding that he gets to meet a lot people from doing so too. _____________________________________ The passenger, J’Koni, exclusively tells us this about his “fell f” comment to Joc: “He actually didn’t react how I thought he would he just basically was telling me thats my problem if I feel he fell f for having multiple streams income.” _____________________________________ We’re definitely here for any black man doing what he needs to do to continue making money. 🎥: @iamjkonired

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The woman then continues to chide the Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta personality, saying, “You went from TV to driving Pull Up N Go.” He snaps back, “I’d rather do this than Uber or Lyft.”

But she wouldn’t let up, “I’m trying to figure it out. How you Yung Joc and you riding for Pull Up N Go?” He responds, “I got a question: Is it a problem that I’m Yung Joc and doing this?”

“Not at all,” the second passenger says.

“You trying to clown me?” Joc asks as he notices the woman is filming their interaction. “You wanna do this on your social media to try and clown me.”

Joc’s situation is similar to the one Gefrey Owens endured in September 2018. The former Cosby Show star was photographed working as a cashier at Trader’s Joes and subsequently ridiculed online.

As a result, several celebrities rallied around him and fered their support. In fact, Nicki Minaj even donated $25,000 to Owens as a sign good faith.

He ultimately donated the money to the Actor’s Fund, explaining, “I would like to give this donation $25,000 to the Actor’s Fund in memory the late, great Earle Hyman — who played Cosby’s father ‘Russell’ on The Cosby Show — who lived his last many years and died at the Actors’ Home, (funded and run by the Actor’s Fund). I am extremely grateful to Nicki Minaj for enabling struggling actors to continue pursuing their dreams.”

Much like Owens, fans stood up for Joc Twitter. But it’s entirely possible this is some kind promotion for the show/rideshare app rather than Joc’s legit side hustle.

In any case, check out some the reactions below.